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Sandro Baebler | IWC Legend Kurt Klaus

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Happy Easter 2018

Sandro Baebler | Boxing Kids

Photos by Sandro Baebler c/o Severin Wendeler
It is a shipping container placed behind a shopping centre in Cape
Town’s township „Philipi“, where the kids come after school to train
and learn how to box – for free.
They use this facility as there is really not a lot to do in the area.
It keeps the children off the streets and they learn how to use their
time and energy in a positive way. They also learn about rules,
boundaries, discipline, exchange and respect.
Texts by Sandro Baebler

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Severin Wendeler on Behance


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Liz Von Hoene | One Kings Lane




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Daniel Cramer – BMW Magazine „BMW i8 Roadster“

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Sandro Baebler – Ana de Armas


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Behance – February 2018

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Monthly Instagram Highlights – February 2018

Top 5 of the the most liked photos from our Instagram channel:


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3. Agnieszka Doroszewicz – BMW concept Z4

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5. Agnieszka Doroszewicz 


Alex Telfer I Neu bei SeverinWendeler