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Sebastien Staub | Jungfraubahn

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Sebastien Staub | Swiss Pass

Sebastien Staub | AXA Campaign

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Sebastien Staub | Nissan Qashqai

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Sebastien Staub | Air France – Flying Blue

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Sebastien Staub | CUBA

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Sebastien Staub | Alpine Pure & Legend – Newsletter


I was really happy to collaborate a second time with Havas Paris for Alpine and their two new editions, Pure and Legend. A production that took us from Monaco to the french Alps.

Here is the first batch of the images unveiled in Geneva last week. click here

Along with five new cinemagraphs. click here

See you and have a great day,


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Sebastien Staub | Alpine A110 Pure

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Sebastien Staub – Plongeoir

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Sebastién Staub I Neu bei SeverinWendeler